Jack Price is one of the UK's leading acting teachers. He founded the Youth Cinema Foundation in 2014 and has taught hundreds of young people with RADA, BA (Hons), Italia Conti, BA (Hons), Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Actor training and Coaching, MA/MFA, The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Fda, MA, The BFI Film Academy, Tobacco Factory Theaters and the Actors Centre, among others.  Over the last 5 years, Youth Cinema has made over 50 films and taught hundreds of young people how to act in and "read and write" motion pictures.

Visit youthcinema.co.uk for more details about Jack's teaching,

First written: August 2019
For the purposes of this policy, a child is defined as anyone under the age of 18
Policy Statement
Jack Price Company is committed to a practice which protects children from harm. This
Policy details organisational behaviour and best practice, which is applicable to all Jack Price
Company staff, including those who work with the Jack Price Company on a freelance basis.
Jack Price company is committed to limiting risks surrounding the safeguarding of young
We will safeguard children and young people by:
Adopting child protection guidelines through a code of behaviour for staff
- Sharing information about child protection and good practices with children and
-Following carefully the procedures for safer recruitment and selection of staff, cast
and freelancers
-Reviewing our policy annually and reflecting on any reports made, reviewing the
effectiveness of the reporting process every annum.
Codes of Behaviour - Statement of Intent
It is the policy of the Jack Price Company to safeguard the welfare of children by protecting
them from all forms of abuse including physical, emotional and sexual harm.
This company is committed to creating a safe environment in which children can feel
comfortable and secure while engaging in any of Jack Price Company's performances and
rehearsals. Personnel should, at all times, show respect and understanding towards
individual children's rights, safety and welfare.
Staff should:
-Use appropriate language with children
-Respect a child's right to privacy
-Be aware that someone might misinterpret their actions no matter how well
-Never allow themselves to enter or become embroiled in inappropriate situations
-Never draw any conclusions about children without checking the facts

Staff should:
-Actively avoid spending any time alone with children or young people away from
Jack Price Company Safeguarding Policy: August 2019
Physical Contact
Staff should:
-Never engage in any type of physical contact with any young person or vulnerable
adult without first asking permission.
-Never allow inappropriate touching of any kind.

Online Contact
Jack Price Company will only contact a child directly via email, telephone or
designated, private Facebook pages in reference to performances or related Jack
Price Company work.
-Jack Price company will never contact a child directly in regard to non-professional
or personal matters.
-Jack Price company will never issue or accept "friend requests" or equivalent from
social networking sites from a child.
-Jack Price Company will not take or share photos or video footage of children or
young people without confirmation from the Artistic Director that the appropriate
permissions have been sought and received.
-Confidential data collected on children, including address and dietary needs, should
be treated in confidence and with respect.
-All children have the right to know the information Jack Price Company holds on

All licenced children need to be chaperoned in law while taking part in a performance.
Chaperones act in loco parentis and should exercise the care which a good parent might be
reasonably expected to give that child.
Regulations require a ratio of 1 chaperone to 12 children. A chaperon's first priority is
always to the child and will have total charge of a child whilst the child is at the
theatre/performance location, and is responsible for the child's care and control.
Chaperones are required by law to keep a record for each child, per performance:
-It is a requirement under the regulations that these records be kept and made
available, together with each child's Licence, at every place of performance where a
child is present, for inspection by an officer of local authority in whose rea the
performance takes place.
- Upon completion of the production, the daily record sheet should be stored at the
Licence Applicant's main company address for a period of not less than 6 months
after the final performance date.

In any case where someone at Jack Price Company has concerns or an allegation is made, a
record will be made. Details must include:
-Name of Child
-Date of birth of Child
-Approximate age of Child
-Name of staff member completing the form
-Date the incident took place
-Time the incident took place
- Location the incident took place
-Names of others involved, names of witnesses to the incident
-Details of the incident as a statement of fact
-Action taken
-Were the parents/guardians informed?
Designated Safeguarding Lead
1. Jack Price
Artistic Director, Jack Price Company

-Ensure you never use closed questioning or leading questions
-Offer them reassurance without making promises
-Always take what is said seriously
-Allow the child to speak without interruption
-Do not overreact
-Do not respond with emotive language
-Alleviate feelings of guilt or isolation whilst passing no judgement
-Advise that you must pass the information given on to the appropriate authorities
-Record the discussion accurately, as soon as possible after the event, in the child's
own words.